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Bob Carvill, Bridlington's heavyweight boxer

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Bob Carvill, Bridlington's heavyweight boxer

Bob Carvill, Bridlington's heavyweight boxer

Local heavyweight boxer Bob Carvill was scheduled to fight in Bridlington at the T. & T. Roller Rink at 9pm on 12th July, 1930. The Bridlington fight was advertised as the finest programme ever staged in the town. Buses were to "run from all parts to the rink" and there were special railway excursions from Hull, with a 2s.6d. return fare.

In this fixture, he should have fought Charlie Ring, of Australia, but, the day before, Ring had sailed for America. Ring was already a substitute for Dick Power, who could not get time off from his duties as a policeman in Wales.
In the end, Carvill fought Jack Stratton, of London, whom he knocked out in the fourth round.

Carvill also fought in London at Covent Garden, Crystal Palace, Holborn Stadium, Royal Albert Hall and Wembley, and in the following towns and cities in the UK: Beverley, Blackpool, Bradford, Cleethorpes, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Scunthorpe, West Bromwich, West Hartlepool, West Ham, and York.

He fought in Scotland and abroad in Barcelona, Cologne, Hamburg, Liege and Paris. In New York, he had bouts in the Jamaica Arena in Queens, Ridgewood Grove, Brooklyn, and the Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx.

On Thursday, 26th January, 1933, at the Olympia, Kensington, Bob Carvill fought another heavyweight, Leo Evans, of Chatham, on the same bill as the Heavy-Weight Championship of Great Britain fight between Jack Petersen and Jack Pettifer. Bob's fight was one of ten heavyweight matches that night, and he appeared in bout nine, where he beat Evans on points over six rounds.

This picture shows the cover of the 20-page
official souvenir of this championship.

Bob fought in Bridlington on many occasions, his earliest on 26th October, 1926, at the Spa Theatre against Syd Wass, with a k.o. win in the fifth of ten rounds. On 20th September, he had beaten Jim Cox at Wenlock Barracks, Hull. He k.o.'d Cox in the first round of the Bridlington boxer's first professional fight.

On 25th February, 1927, also at the Spa, his opponent was Arthur Simpkins, whom he knocked out in the first round.

Other matches at the Skating Rink were against Harry Crossley (lost, disqualified in the 11th round), 7th August, 1930; Louis Guilluame (drawn on points over 15 rounds), 6th August, 1931; Albert Chaumont (won on a technical knock-out in fifth round), 7th December, 1931; George Slack (won on points over 15 rounds), 16th May, 1932; George Slack (lost on points over 15), 3rd July, 1933; George Slack (lost on points over 15), 30th July, 1934; Jack Pettifer (win, his opponent was disqualified), 11th December, 1935. This was his last fight in Bridlington.

Two other fights took place in Bridlington but the venue is not recorded: George Slack (lost on points over 15 rounds), 1st May, 1935; Hans Melzow (won on a technical k.o. in the 11th of 12 rounds), 2nd October, 1935.
His last fight was in the Harringay Arena on 15th April, 1937, against Alf Robinson, who beat Carvill on points over four rounds.

Carvill's records was: Won 41 (KO 27), lost 32 (KO 6), drawn 3, total 76. He boxed 542 rounds in total.

Carvill featured on the front cover of the weekly magazine Boxing, on Wednesday, 2nd August, 1933. The caption beneath the photograph reads: "Bob Carvill, of Bridlington, is now a genuine 'Cruiser'." Bob was not mentioned elsewhere in the paper.

Article By Mike Wilson 

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Bob Carvill, Bridlington's heavyweight boxer

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