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Bridlington Cycle Route 3

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Bridlington Cycle Route 3

Distance in Miles 5.2
Distance in Kilometres 8.4

Route 3 sets off from the Park and Ride and goes to Carnaby – why not stop off at World of Rock or the Birds of Prey Centre to break up your ride?

You could also combine this with Route 2 for a longer ride. 2 miles/3.2km, or 20 minutes riding time each way. 5.2 miles/8.4km, or 40 minutes riding time, if riding the longer route. Set off from the Park and Ride taking the signed shared use path along the side of the car park away from the cliff and the off-road path alongside the access road. As the road bends right, turn left onto a signed bridleway.

At the T junction turn right along a quiet road/bridleway to the Kingsgate/A1038 roundabout. Use the cycle crossing points and take care, this is a busy road with fast traffic. Use the off-road shared use path along Moor Lane to either Carnaby Sticks Road or Lancaster Road. Retrace your route back to the start. For a longer return route turn left where the bridleway finishes and meets the South Cliff Caravan Park access road. Take the off-road path to the roundabout then turn right towards the town centre on the path which runs alongside Bridlington Golf Course. Then turn right onto Kingston Road and right onto Belvedere Parade to return to the Park and Ride.

Did you know... Carnaby Industrial Estate was formerly RAF Carnaby which opened in March 1944. It was an emergency landing facility during World War II providing a safe place to land for damaged bombers. The runway was five times wider than standard and 9,000 feet long. Over 1,400 bombers made an emergency landing at the airfield, saving thousands of lives. The main road to the Industrial Estate is called Lancaster Road, after the planes which landed there.

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Bridlington Cycle Route 3

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