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Bridlington Lifeboat - 2014

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Bridlington Lifeboat - 2014

This is Bridlington's lifeboat RNLB Marine Engineer. She was funded by the Institute of Marine Engineers and has served the town since 15th August 1995. She cost £600,000. She is a Mersey class lifeboat, 11.57m long, beam 3.81m, draught 0.95m, and a depth of 1.86m. Her displacement is 13.85 tonnes, and her range is 145 nautical miles. Her hull is fibre reinforced composite. She replaced Peggy & Alex Caird.

Fred Walkington, the coxswain at the time, takes Marine Engineer through her paces just off the harbour. 

A later pass by the lifeboat with Fred at the helm.

Marine Engineer on her trailer with the tractor. 
I was fortunate enough - during the creation of the Town Play Come Hell or High Water during 1994 - to have a trip in the lifeboat. It was one of the things I had to do, but I cannot say that I really enjoyed the experience. I am, however, extremely proud to say I have sailed in Marine Engineer.
As a footnote to all these entries about Bridlington's lifeboats, I must add that the courage of their crews is beyond measure, and I salute them all.

Article By Mike Wilson -September  2014

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Bridlington Lifeboat - 2014

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