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Bridlington Priory Church Pulpit

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Bridlington Priory Church Pulpit

The Pulpit, on its stone base, is in the fourteenth century style and was erected in 1850, being removed to its present site in 1957. The panelling, canopy and spiral staircase with entrance grille were added in 1960.

The deeply panelled work supporting the sound-board canopy has for its chief motif, centrally carved, a Cross, so that behind the preacher there is the symbol of the Christian Faith, and when he vacates the pulpit the Cross still remains giving its silent witness.

The soundboard canopy, hexagonal in shape, is heavily moulded and carved. From each angle rises. a gabled pinnacle terminating in a richly carved finial, with the exception of the two above the pulpit desk which terminate in a Cross.

Between the pinnacles and resting on the upper side of the sound-board are carved out of the solid oak the prows of two Viking ships. These in turn support a shield surmounted with a pediment. There are five shields in all, upon each of which is carved in bas-relief a major scene from the life of our Lord. From the north aisle to the chancel they are the Nativity, Baptism, Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension. The graceful spiral stairway carries an oak balustrade supported by specially designed wrought iron balusters, and the entrance grille carries the armorials of the archiepiscopal sees of Canterbury and York, and of the Priory.

In its entirety, the pulpit with its carved panels in bas-relief, the crowning feature of a magnificent piece of craftsmanship, bears silent yet insistent witness to God's eternal love in the glorious Redemption brought us by His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Bridlington Priory written by the late John. W. Lamb, M.A., Ph.D.

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Bridlington Priory Church Pulpit

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