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Bridlington Priory Church War Memorial

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Bridlington Priory Church War Memorial

The suggestion that the War Memorial should take the form of these magnificent screen originated with the offer of the "Roll of Honour" of "C" Squadron of the 23rd Hussars- The Squadron had trained in Bridlington and in the Priory performed its last corporate and public act of worship before embarking to take part in the D-Day attack in the Battle of Europe.

The "Roll of Honour" commemorates the men of the Squadron who fell in the first six months of the Battle and, carved by a German craftsman, was placed in the Hussars' Chapel during their service with the Army of Occupation in Germany.

On the disbanding of the 23rd Hussars the "Roll of Honour" was given this permanent place in the Priory. Both this Screen and the Screen at right angles to it were designed by the late Mr. Leslie Temple-Moore, M.C., F.R.I.B.A. On the panels of the Screen facing the Nave are carved in incised and gilded lettering the names of the men and women of the Town who gave their lives in the War l939-45, and it will be noted that it is adjacent to the marble Memorial bearing the names of those from the Town who fell in the War 1914-18. These Memorial Screens, beautiful in design and perfect in craftsmanship, were executed in English Oak by the late Mr. Robert Thompson of Kilburn, the well-known woodcarver of Yorkshire, who did so much to bring into the present century the excellence and beauty of medieval woodcarving.

Bridlington Priory written by the late John. W. Lamb, M.A., Ph.D

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Bridlington Priory Church War Memorial

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