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Fund-Raising Bazaar, 1st October, 1906.

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Fund-Raising Bazaar, 1st October, 1906.

This church held a bazaar over three days, beginning on Tuesday, 1st October, 1906. A 94-page book was produced which lists events, photographs of personnel involved and page after page of recipes for savouries, puddings, cakes and buns.

The church is not identified as the cover to the booklet is missing. From clues in the picture, the church is on the Promenade and is now used as a shop, but its identity is not given here. Off right in the picture is the Forum.

The object of the Bazaar was declared to be to "liquidate the debt upon the church funds and to reduce the debt on the church premises, at present amounting to £621 10s. It is hoped that by this Bazaar a sum of £250 will be raised."

On day one, admission cost 6d., on day two, 3d., while on day three entrance was free.

Luke White, Esq., M.P., opened the first day, with County Alderman J. V. Mainprize, J.P., as Chairman. A prayer was offered by Rev. William Slater, while a statement was read by Mr A. E. Matthewman, B.A., LL.B.

Recipe No.1 is a great favourite: Fried fish in batter. It was suggested by Miss F. M. L. Seller of Hull. Take 2lb of fish - cod or ling - take off all the bone and skin; cut into sizable pieces; dip in batter and place in ho tfat at once, and fry until nicely brown.

(Alternatively, nowadays, nip to the nearest chippy!).

Two recipes are given for "Moggy," which sounds as if it could be tasty: 1lb of flour, 1lb best treacle, 4oz butter, 1oz baking powder, 2 teaspoonsful ground ginger, 3 tablespoonsful milk, 1 fresh egg. Bake in a cool oven.

Another "Moggy" recipe is: 1lb flour, 10oz fine sugar, 2.5oz. butter and lard mixed, 1 tablespoonful treacle, 2 eggs, 1 teacup of milk, 2 teaspoonsful of baking powder, a little ginger, half teaspoonful carbonate soda. Bake in tins in slow oven, and cut into fingers when cold.

Article By Mike Wilson 

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Fund-Raising Bazaar, 1st October, 1906.

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