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George and Jane Walker

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George and Jane Walker

Lifeboat George and Jane Walker leaves Bridlington harbour and heads for the open seas.

In the picture above lifeboat George and Jane Walker returns to harbour.

In 1922, an improved motor tractor was introduced to Bridlington's lifeboat service. A procession through the town to the slipway at Trinity Cut followed the George and Jane Walker lifeboat, being hauled by the new tractor. The lifeboat was launched and she cruised in the bay for ten minutes. The coxswain was Harry Hopper, with assistants Mr Welburn Snr, and Mr Dan Drake. The boat was then returned to the carriage, where it was dragged aboard. Mr Hoggard, of Ferndale Terrace was chosen as the tractor driver, and Mr Albert Hutchinson was his assistant, out of thirty applicants. 

This could be a tractor-driven launch as there are no horses visible. In the two pictures below, horses are certainly being used to haul the tractor and its carriage.

Article By Mike Wilson 

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George and Jane Walker

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