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Launch of new Coble Lillie, 25th July, 1913

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Launch of new Coble Lillie, 25th July, 1913

From: Bridlington Free Press, 25th July, 1913

The Lillie

New coble launched at Bridlington

On Saturday afternoon a large crowd assembled at the west end of the harbour at Bridlington to witness the launching of a new coble for Mr J. Tallentire, fisherman and boatman. It was built by Messrs J. Siddall and Son, of Marshall Avenue, at their works off West Street, and is a splendid boat, in every way suitable for its work. The fishermen and boatmen were present in large numbers, and all had a shoulder at the launching of the coble. A gay garland of flowers was at the mast head, and flowers also decorated the bow of the boat.

Before the coble was launched Councillor J. R. Collins, standing in the boat with the owner and builders, said he had been asked to perform the ceremony of christening the coble The Lillie, and he had great pleasure in doing so. Referring to the boatmen and fishermen he said there was no doubt that they had had a good deal to do with making Bridlington popular, and it was evident that by their enterprise they were determined to keep it popular (Applause). The fishermen had risen to the occasion.

He congratulated Mr Tallentire - Jim Tallentire as they knew him - and also Siddall and Son, who were now known as amongst the best boat builders on the East Coast (Applause). He had been very pleased to see the evidence they had had of the good feeling which existed amongst the fishermen and boatmen, for that afternoon every man who could be spared had had a hand in assisting at the launch (Applause). He had pleasure in naming the latest addition to the splendid fleet of cobles at Bridlington The Lillie, and in wishing it, its owner, and all concerned, God speed (Applause).

Referring to Messrs Siddall, Mr Collinson said the firm was known far afield; and he did not know whether in the near future they would be called upon to build boats for the suggested new lake on the North Side in the park (laughter). If he was asked to do so, he hoped he would refuse, for their park at Bridlington existed in their magnificent bay; and the magnificent beach they had; and they wanted no other. He hoped Messrs Siddall would not build for the new lake; but at all events if he did he (Councillor Collinson) would not be prepared to take a part in the ceremony (Laughter). On behalf of all present he thought he might wish The Lillie God speed (Applause).

The coble was then launched, and three cheers were given for Councillor Collinson, the owner, the builders, and the visitors.

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Launch of new Coble Lillie, 25th July, 1913

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