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Printers Ink - Free Newspaper

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Printers Ink - Free Newspaper

On 6th December, 1957, Printers Ink made a reappearance. The free newspaper was first published in 1928 and "continued to interest the public of Bridlington until the Spring of 1940. Then, owing to the severe wartime restrictions on the supply of paper, Printers Ink was discontinued."

Seven thousand copies of the paper were printed and delivered free to all parts of the town, including West Hill and Flamborough. 

It was, of course, an advertising only paper, but occasionally a note from the Editor appeared.

In this issue, advertisements on the front page were carried for: Coates & Whittaker Ltd. (the publishers and printers of the paper), Murielle Hardwick's (Everything in Fancy Draper), Buckrose Motors, N. Cooper (The Leather Shop), J. Maynard Whiteside (Chemist), Allen & Co. (travel cases), and Frank Webb (The Manshop).

On page four were ads for Northern Dairies, Malins, L. S. & M. Cooke, J. R. Taylor & Son and Lounge Cinema.

Large ads on the inner pages were for H. Batchelor & Son, Oustons, Spinks The Chemists, Ellis & Company, J. V. Kidd, Turner Electrical and The Regent Machine Company (Sewing Machines).

I have about 50 different weekly copies, starting on 6th December, 1957. On 2nd May, 1958, the publishers started to reproduce the memoirs of Mr S. Gawthorp, entitled I Remember, I Remember. Thanks were expressed to the Bric-a-Brac Shop for allowing Printers Ink to publish them.

Article By Mike Wilson 

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Printers Ink - Free Newspaper

Bringing Bridlington Information to You

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