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Rudston Pub Walk - Easy

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Rudston Pub Walk - Easy

Starting from the Bosville Arms (ask if you may leave your car there before setting off).

Walk southward down Long Street and turn into Water Lane on your left.

Follow the path beside the Gypsy Race (stream) to Middle Street and turn right to continue alongside the stream past School Lane and Marton Lane.

Carry on as far as East Gate where our walk turns left away from the stream.

Church Lane next, with All Saints Church straight ahead.

(Take a while to have a look around the churchyard and view the Monolith, reputed to be the tallest standing stone in England. 

The grave of Winifred Holtby, author of "South Riding" is also to be found here.)

From the church, head along School Lane and right into Middle Street, to return to the B1253 and the Bosville Arms.

Distance in Miles 1

Distance in Kilometres 1.5

Features of Interest
All Saints Church was begun in in Norman times and was rebuilt and extended in following centuries. Victorian features include electreliers, a tiled reredos and a fine organ.

Winifred Holtby's grave can be seen in the churchyard and you can't fail to spot the Monolith.

The Gypsy Race.

This route:-
Contains some gentle slopes.
Does not contain barriers.
Is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs.
Crosses at least one road.

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Rudston Pub Walk - Easy

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