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The Coliseum, 1921

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The Coliseum, 1921

The Coliseum, The Promenade, Bridlington

The Coliseum was opened by the Mayor, Cllr Fenby, on Easter Monday in March 1922. The ballroom was in the basement, the floor being of rock maple, laid on 2,000 springs. The theatre could accommodate 1,200, with the seats so arranged that "the most elaborate millinery would not impede the view."

The manager was Captain Cecil W. Hunter, who had previously managed the Morecombe Tower.

Two years later the Coliseum was sold to the Winter Gardens Ltd., which served as a cinema until well into the Eighties.

Four jam/butter bowls from the long-disappeared Coliseum on Promenade. Items like these turn up at the Saleroom, in charity shops or on the internet at Ebay. These particular items were discovered in Grannie's Parlour, an Aladdin's Cave of delight on Anlaby Road in Hull, just round the corner from the railway station. They cost only a few pounds each, but are now a reminder of a Bridlington attraction of the Twenties.

Article By Mike Wilson

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The Coliseum, 1921

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