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The Spa Story

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The Spa Story

This list gives some of the important dates in the life of the Spa Royal Hall & Theatre. Some items are there because of the personal interest of the writer.
1895 The Bridlington Spa Gardens and Estate company established
1896 Construction started on sea wall, and was completed in 11 weeks. The buildings on the site included a Grand Hall, and a building taken over by Fields Oriental Cafe. The "New Spa and Gardens" opened on 27th July
1906 New Spa Theatre burned down
1907 The New Theatre and Opera House opened on 29th July
1919 Spa Hall and Opera House bought by Corporation
1924 Herman Darewski arrived in Bridlington, putting the Corporation into profit
1926 Work began on The first Spa Royal Hall
1927 Opera House became known as Spa Theatre
1932 Fire destroyed The Spa Royal Hall. The second Spa Royal Hall reopened after 52 days
1939 Herman Darewski broadcast from the Spa days before war broke out. Spa closed
1941 Spa Royal Hall used by R.A.F., then the Army until 1945
1946 The "Golden Age" started with Ceres Harper as Musical Director
1951 Visit by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
1961 Cliff Richard & The Shadows filled the Spa
1964 The Rolling Stones were the star attraction
1972 Status Quo on stage
1981 Spa Cinema opened
1984 Tillie Morrison Bar opened
2006 The Spa closed for refurbishment on 6th January
2008 Spa Royal Hall reopened in May
2014 Blue plaques for Herman Darewski and Wallace Hartley unveiled

This old postcard shows the Spa seafront area in 1903.

A view looking south in 1907.

This postcard was posted in August 1914.

We are now in 1921.

The entrance to the Spa promenade.

This is the opening of the Spa Royal Hall, 15th July 1926.

A great aerial view in 1928.

This view is probably from the 1930s.

The postcard with this view of the Spa's interior was posted in 1936, only 106 days after I was born.

Article By Mike Wilson

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The Spa Story

Bringing Bridlington Information to You

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