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Views of Bridlington's Future?

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Views of Bridlington's Future?

Are these images a glance of what could be at Bridlington harbour and in the surrounding area? These visions were on public show in November 2014. This contribution is merely a personal look at the pieces and is in no way official. The wording is mine and I hope all that I say is accurate.

The image above shows visitors looking through a glass panel etched with a scene from the Great Gale of 1871, painted by J. T. Allerston. I like the idea that you can look through the picture and see the real cliffs, and real sky, waves and skyline.

This is The Gansey Girl. She is shown knitting a traditional gansey, but included in the stitching are the names of Bridlington's fishing community: Brown, Pickering, Silverwood and dozens more.

This is physical representation of a famous image: T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) leaning against the harbour grotto. He worked on the harbour in 1933/4 servicing R.A.F. air-sea rescue launches.

This image is of something I know little about. Apparently in September 1890 two Hawaiian princes visited the town and had surf boards made. This was the first instance of surfboarding in England.

This photograph is of a metre-high maquette of Christopher (Kit) Brown carrying one of his sons. In 1898 Kit Brown drowned while trying to save his son Fred in a lifeboat incident. 

I was privileged to play the part of Kit in Bridlington's community play Come Hell or High Water. I posed in costume for artist/sculptor Steve Carvill and this is the brilliant result.

I'd love to see this cast as a larger-than-life statue striding along the harbour wall somewhere.

Article By Mike Wilson

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Views of Bridlington's Future?

Bringing Bridlington Information to You

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