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Who Owned These Cars?

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Who Owned These Cars?

These old car photographs are part of a collection of ephemera from the Madden family of Bridlington. The same distinguished looking gentleman appears in four of the five. It has been discovered that the owner of this car is John Vere Kinsley, a Bridlington coal merchant. This car, a 1903 Cadillac Runabout, is now owned by a gentleman in Chislehurst, Kent. It is currently being refurbished (10th May 2015) and it is hoped to bring the car to Bridlington and to park it on this bridge again. 

It appears that the vehicle is on a bridge over the Gypsey Race, somewhere close to Boynton. 

This car, a 1902 Oldsmobile, is parked by the railway bridge on Limekiln Lane. 

Beauilieu thought this car was a 1900 Locomobile, but the illustration they provided has significant differences to this car. This car is also alongside the railway bridge on Limekiln Lane.

Notice the registration plate of BT4. I'm sure that this is the registration for the East Riding of Yorkshire. This is the same car pictured at the top, but it has its rear seats attached.

CT44 has been identified as a 1903/4 Darracq.

Article By Mike Wilson

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Who Owned These Cars?

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